BREAKING: Trump Just Launched A DYNAMITE Reform…This Helps EVERY American!

When we elected Donald Trump to the White House, we knew he’d make some serious changes.

He would roll back government regulation and put the power back into the people’s hands. He’d also empower the free market and help private businesses thrive, as they should.

That includes removing government control of vital aspects of our society. His latest move will even help improve your vacation plans. Win.

From Daily Wire:

President Trump announced he intends to separate air traffic control from the federal government, giving the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) air traffic control operations to an independent outside agency over three years “at no charge…”

“For too many years our country has tolerated delays at the airport, long wait times on the tarmac, and a slowing of commerce and travel that costs billion and billions of dollars. Today we’re proposing to take American air travel into the future, finally. We will launch this air travel revolution by modernizing the outdated system of air traffic control. It’s about time.”

Under Trump’s proposal, roughly 35,000 workers, including 14,000 controllers and 6,000 technicians, would disappear from the federal payroll. Air traffic control operations would not be subject to the annual appropriations process in Congress.

Trump said the current technology system was “horrible” and “antiquated,” ripping the Obama administration’s lackadaisical implementation of the Next Generation Air Transportation System. He asserted, “The previous administration spent over $7 billion to upgrade the system and totally failed. Honestly, they didn’t know what they hell they were doing.”

Anyone traveling this summer knows how painful the airport experience can be. That’s especially true when you’re sitting in the airplane, waiting for takeoff. Sometimes it can take hours before your plane even leaves the airport.

That’s largely thanks to the incompetence of air traffic controllers. Handing this responsibility over to the private section will improve the experience dramatically. Why? Because private businesses can’t get away with that much incompetence. If workers fail to do a good job, they get fired. If a company fails, they get replaced.

But if a government agency fails, very little changes. Government workers protect each other, even when they are incompetent. So, the rest of us suffer.

With the private sector overseeing this vital aspect of air travel, expect to see changes at the airport. Employees will do a better job of coordinating flights. And bad workers will get the boot.

Let’s hope this plan goes through ASAP.

Source: The Daily Wire

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