BREAKING: Trump Makes A STUNNING Declaration At Debate…Has Hillary In A PANIC!

Former Vice President Al Gore was forced to reinvent himself after not only losing the presidential election to George W. Bush, but going to court to challenge the election results. Now he’s one of the left’s biggest heroes, running his extremely lucrative “global warming” scam.

That’s why even the dumbest Democrat looks so pathetic right now, trying to make Donald Trump look crazy and dangerous for refusing to say he’d automatically accept this year’s election results.

If that’s really the biggest “controversy” the leftwing media and its sheep-like followers can gin up after last night’s third and final presidential debate, then Trump clearly gave a great performance.

Nevertheless, reporters like Jim Dalrympe II at BuzzFeed are giving it their best shot:

Debate moderator Chris Wallace asked the Republican nominee if he would “absolutely accept the result of this election.”

“I will look at it at the time,” Trump responded.

The candidate then doubled down on his claim that the election is rigged, a growing talking point at his recent campaign rallies, accusing the media of being biased against him, and saying there are “millions of people that are registered to vote that should not be registered to vote.”

To which millions more — legitimately registered voters watching the debate — thought to themselves: “He’s right.”

The Democrats and their media lackeys must really think Americans are so stupid and have such short memories that they don’t remember sore loser Al Gore challenging his loss. Even those too young to remember the case will hear about it soon if they haven’t already, because this media spin is only succeeding in reopening those old wounds.

The Democratic machine will regret trying to turn Trump’s sensible answer into a fatal “gaffe.”

Credit: BuzzFeed

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