BREAKING: Trump Already Outperforming Obama’s Duties! Meets With Victims Of…

By now, even his enemies are acknowledging that Donald Trump is getting more done as president elect than the real president is.

Trump’s reaction to the latest Islamic attack on U.S. soil is a sobering example.

First, Trump took to Twitter to say what millions of Americans (but apparently not Obama) were thinking: that the Somali immigrant assailant should never have been in the country, and that the negligence of “stupid politicians” had let to this “violent atrocity.”

However, Trump showed his more subdued side when he personally visited those directly impacted by the attack: students and faculty at Ohio State University, and their families:

Trump met with the families privately and aides did not immediately provide an accounting of what was discussed. But, in his brief statement to reporters, he took on the role of comforter-in-chief, avoiding the inflammatory rhetoric that has marked his response to other attacks.


Later in Iowa, he did not mention the attacker but declared: “This horrific assault is just one more tragic reminder that immigration security is national security. A Trump administration will always put the safety and security of American people first.”

During the campaign, critics warned that the often bombastic real estate mogul didn’t have the right “temperament” to serve as president. However, it should be obvious by now that Donald Trump has many sides and can conduct himself appropriately as situations demand.

And isn’t it nice to have a man of action about to enter the Oval Office, instead of one who ignores terrorist attacks on his own people?

Source: Townhall

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