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BREAKING: Trump Delivers BRUTAL Response To Palm Sunday Terror…The World Is Stunned!
By Faith Braverman|April 10, 2017

Being a Christian in the Middle East has become incredibly dangerous in this day and age. Those who wish to proclaim their faith in Christ are easy targets for radical jihadist groups such as ISIS.

An especially tense time for Christians is during religious holidays. With the approach of Easter imminent, many feared there would be another bombing attack like the one in Pakistan last year, which resulted in the deaths of 75 people and the injuries of 340 others on Easter Sunday.

Those fears were confirmed on Palm Sunday when terrorists bombed two Egyptian coptic churches, killing 40 worshippers as of this writing.

President Trump swiftly responded to the attacks on Twitter:

Trump’s faith in Egypt’s president to capably handle the attack is reassuring considering the two held a recent meeting.

These repeated and horrific attacks must be put to an end, and an excellent way to do so is through forming a coalition of world leaders who will stand with America in solidarity against terror.

Trump’s condolences to and extension of friendship towards Egypt in this dark hour seek to do just that. With the unrest in the Middle East at an all time high, it’s vital to the future stability of the region to encourage leaders to stop the advancement of ISIS.

Attacking the religious in their houses of worship is an evil most of us can’t comprehend. A time of celebration for many Christians has been turned into a time of fear.

But evil can only triumph when good men do nothing. Now that world leaders know that America will support them in their fight, the battle against ISIS has only just begun.

Source: The Right Scoop

Faith Braverman
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