Trump ATTACKS! The Donald DESTROY Obama With 6 Words About Terrorism…Exposes His FAILURE!

“The new normal.” After 9/11, that phrase was used a lot, as some pundits and experts advised Americans to get used to experiencing terrorist attacks on their soil. “This happens all around the world every day,” they’d insist, almost implying that it was America’s “turn” to be targeted.

Donald Trump, for one, refuses to accept this premise, whether it relates to America or one of its allies. Following another horrific Islamic terrorist attack in Israel, the Republican candidate challenged Obama to change his rhetoric.

On Facebook, Trump wrote:

“Yet another terrorist attack today in Israel — a father, shot at by a Palestinian terrorist, was killed while driving his car, and three of his children who were passengers were severely injured.”

After condemning the “Palestinian leadership” and its support of this “barbaric behavior,” Trump set his sites on the president.

“I also call upon President Obama to recognize and condemn each and every terrorist attack against our allies in Israel. This cannot become the ‘new normal.’ It has to stop!”

At this point, it’s probably pointless to try to get Obama to change. True change will only come if Trump himself takes over the Oval Office.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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