BREAKING: Trump Saves 1,000 American Jobs…Here’s How He Celebrates! [WATCH]

The left wingers in the news are always going out of their way to either denigrate Trump for being unqualified or trying to minimize whatever positive effect his winning the presidential election might be having.

When Trump pledged to save American jobs by giving companies incentives to stay in America and not move their plants to Mexico or some other third world, cheap labor source, there were unintended, but still beneficial, consequences.

Like Carrier deciding to keep Indiana as their home base rather than moving south of the border like so many other companies have done. They must have made a pretty plum deal with the state and federal governments for possible future returns under a Trump administration.

Although Trump detractors try to make the point that it wasn’t He who influenced Carrier to keep it’s doors open in the US, nevertheless Trump’s win may be signaling a change in the thinking of company execs towards a more nationalistic tone.

They are most likely thinking ahead to the probability of Trump renegotiating the NAFTA trade agreements to give the US, and thus US workers, a fairer deal.

The video of Trump at the Carrier plant shows a him in a very “fact of the matter” light:

The down side about jobs being outsourced is that while some may return to the US, others will not because automation is simply eliminating them.

From Hot Air:

You can bring back some of the jobs taken by Mexicans. You’re not going to bring back the jobs taken by robots, and more and more of those jobs will be going away soon. One of the best uses to which Trump could put his communication skills over the next few years is preparing the public for further tectonic labor changes driven by automation, starting with the transportation industry. Instead, the point of the Carrier deal is to signal to low-information voters that keeping Americans employed is a straightforward matter of an ass-kicking can-do making-America-great-again president wielding the right carrots and sticks. The Carrier deal, in the end, is a small Potemkin village designed to distract from the truly wrenching labor upheaval ahead. But it’s great politics. Any incoming president with a lick of retail sense would have done the same thing.

We are just going to have to learn new, more technical skills in the future, like robot maintenance and repair. Just like cars, everything wears out sooner or later and fixing robots will open up a whole new line of work!

Source: Hot Air


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