BREAKING: Trump STOPS His Own Rally…Seeks Medical Attention For…

This campaign has been grueling, more than any in recent memory.  It’s taking its toll on supporters and the candidates themselves.

All of America watched as Hillary all but coughed up a lung at an event for over four minutes, then seemingly passed out at another event.

The summer heat has been getting to many people, as well as the building pressure of the campaign.  Now a shocking turn of events stops a Trump event dead in its tracks in Asheville, NC.

Western Journalism reports:

Trump was delivering remarks about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Asheville when he noticed one of his supporters, an unnamed woman, had fallen ill.

The GOP nominee immediately paused the rally and called for a doctor.

“Could we have a doctor please?” he said. “A doctor. A doctor please.”

Trump cited the temperature inside of the city’s U.S. Cellular Center as a possible reason for the woman suddenly falling ill.

“It is about 100 degrees in here folks, so. Thank you so much,” he said. “We love our supporters, right?”

 Trump also called for water and a round of applause for the woman: “Let’s give her a hand. Get some water please? Water please.”

The billionaire New Yorker then briefly left the stage to personally greet the woman.

It isn’t very often that we get to witness a true humanitarian placing the needs and concerns of others above their own and when we do see one, our faith in humanity takes a stride forward towards greatness again. Donald Trump’s concern and compassion for others has been well documented, and now we get to see him in action.

Donald Trump is showing the American people he is a person of honor, integrity and compassion. We would be fortunate to have such a man serving as the president of the United States. It’s just too bad that so many members of the GOP don’t recognize that. Very likely, in the near future, they will get a second chance to change their perspective about him. Let’s hope they don’t waste it!

Source: Western Journalism

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