BREAKING: Trump “The Uniter” Sets EXPLOSIVE Cabinet Interview…The Establishment Is STUNNED!

Of course we can understand that Donald Trump wants to get support from his former opposition and try to convince them he’s not the Devil incarnate like the Clinton clan has made him out to be.

The new President-Elect is definitely making efforts to reach across the aisle and placate the Democrats with a few token cabinet appointments.

If he can manage to bring the two parties together, then he will have accomplished something president Obama couldn’t, nor wouldn’t do in 8 years because Obama is a divider, not a uniter!

From the Washington Post:

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) will meet with President-elect Donald Trump on Friday, sparking speculation that she could be on the shortlist for a Cabinet job, most likely as energy secretary. A source familiar with the meeting arrangements said they are expected to discuss both the Energy and Interior Department posts.

Heitkamp is said to be a supporter of the oil, gas and coal industries, backs the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, and strongly supports  carbon capture and storage, which would capture carbon dioxide emissions from industrial and power plants.

When asked whether she would accept a cabinet appointment:

Heitkamp would not tell reporters on Capitol Hill Thursday whether she would accept a post in a Trump administration, calling that question “way too premature.” But she issued a statement saying she hoped to work with Trump to support North Dakota “[w]hatever job I do” — an acknowledgment that she might end up with a job other than the one she has now.

“Whenever the president-elect asks you to come to visit with him, it’s a wonderful opportunity to talk about mutual goals and mutual aspirations for our country,” she told reporters after a Senate vote Thursday. “Rural America is a high priority, I would think, for the new administration, so I’m anxious to talk about some ideas to revitalize and create economic opportunities in rural America.”

We know that Trump is looking for the most qualified and capable people for his cabinet but we will have to wait and see what his administration will actually look like when it’s put together. It has to be better than the misfits, spooks and corrupt hooligans that haunt us in the Obama regime!

Source: Washington Post

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