BREAKING: Trump’s Already Healing International Relationships…THIS Country APPLAUDING Obama’s Exit!

Talk of the media world is what Donald Trump’s administration will look like and who will emerge as the leaders of his cabinet and agencies.

But the buzz is stretching far beyond America’s borders.

From Russia to China, across Europe and to all points in between, heads of state and government officials are chatting about the new Trump White House, most with trepidation and concern that the incoming president won’t be as globalist-minded as the present administration. But one country in particular is cheering.

“Trump could be the most pro-Israel Commander in Chief in modern history,” the Independent Journal Review reported.

Israel’s maintained a long-running “special relationship” that’s been marked by reciprocal warmth, respect and regard for years – at least until President Obama took office.

“The outgoing administration has regularly clashed with the leaders of the Jewish state, demanding territorial concessions to the Hamas-led Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, bluntly snubbing [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahy in the White House, brokering the deeply unpopular Iran nuclear deal and refusing to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, a huge victory for the Palestinian state which lays claim to the Holy City,” IJR reported.

Now comes Trump.

Bibi has already reached out and offered a more-than-warm welcome to the president-elect, at the same time Trump has doubled down on vows to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Trump could also help expand Israel’s settlements into the West Bank, a dramatic switch of existing White House policy.

And then there’s this, as IJR notes: “Trump’s inner circle is flush with influencers who are unapologetically pro-Israel. Many Jewish.”

Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in fact, is an Orthodox Jew – and most political reports place Kushner as a leading voice in the president-elect’s new administration. And that Iran nuclear deal? Gone, Trump promised.

Fireworks are coming. The U.N. bureaucrats and globalists who’d like nothing more than see Israel wiped from the map aren’t likely to find a friend in Trump.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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