BREAKING: Trump’s Head Of Homeland Security REVEALED…He’s Been Chosen!

Donald Trump is checking nominations off his list left and right. Despite what the liberal media has to say about it, Trump is farther ahead in his nominations than Obama was at this point after his election.

He has gone down the list and now he has reached a decision about who he wants as Head of Homeland Security. This latest pick has America cheering!

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Donald Trump has picked retired Marine Gen. John Kelly to head the Department of Homeland Security in his new administration, people familiar with the decision said Wednesday.

The move would put a military commander who directly supervised U.S. Operations in Central and South America in charge of one of the president-elect’s signature platforms; securing the border between Mexico and the U.S.

This is amazing news to conservatives who want a secure border and a safe country.

This four-star Marine general led the U.S. Southern Command and troops in Iraq…

Marine Gen. John Kelly obviously has the experience to do the job. We couldn’t be more excited!

Source: Wall Street Journal


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