WHOA! Breaking Court Ruling On Election…This Will Change EVERYTHING!

It’s known as “the soft bigotry of low expectations”: the bizarre belief held by many on the left that the poor, along with certain ethnic groups, are so helpless and foolish that they need liberals to look after them every step of the way.

This attitude is on display every time the concept of voter ID surfaces.

To hear “progressives” tell it, African Americans and Hispanics are somehow incapable of acquiring basic identification documents, so they shouldn’t be asked to produce such ID in order to vote.

It sounds like common sense, but it’s no secret that common sense can be in short supply in America’s judicial branch, as a new ruling proves once again.

The Associated Press reports:

A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that Texas’ strict voter ID law violates the Voting Rights Act and ordered changes before the November election. (…)

President Barack Obama’s administration took the unusual step of deploying the weight of the U.S. Justice Department into the case when it challenged the law, which requires Texas residents to show one of seven forms of approved identification. The state and other supporters say the Texas law prevents fraud. Opponents say it discriminates by requiring forms of ID that are more difficult to obtain for low-income, African-American and Latino voters. (…)

Lawyers for Texas have argued that the state makes free IDs easy to obtain. They said any inconveniences or costs involved in getting one do not substantially burden the right to vote, and that the Justice Department and other plaintiffs had failed to prove that the law resulted in denying anyone the right to vote.

The winning side argued that, for instance, it is expensive and difficult to obtain a birth certificate. But shouldn’t it be somewhat difficult, given the amount of identity theft out there?

Furthermore, like it or not, Americans are asked for ID all the time. How do these allegedly ID-free individuals make it through life on every other day but election day?

Obviously, Obama and the Democrats pushed this issue so that illegal aliens could vote in November and presumably throw the election to Hillary Clinton.

Source: Allen West

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