Breaking: Urgent Crisis EXPLODES In Democrat Party…If This Continues, They Face EXTINCTION!

We’ve discussed how much the Democratic Party is in disarray. Even before the election we saw a depth of corruption within its leadership unheard of in American history.

They alienated many supporters with the nomination of Hillary Clinton, an unlikeable and untrustworthy figure. They lost even more support with the sabotage of Bernie Sanders, a candidate many thought should have won the primary.

Now with the stunning win of Donald Trump and GOP majority in Congress, the left have very little say in the future of our country. So it stands to reason that many of its supporters are rethinking their role in politics.

From Western Journalism:

After last month’s unexpected election results, morale is reported to be at an all-time low among donors to the Democratic party.

Democrats are now trying to rebuild and figure out the best approach for the midterm elections in 2018. But many of the people who were willing to give money before reportedly no longer care to donate after seeing such poor results.

“I may very well be done with political giving entirely,” John Morgan, a top Hillary Clinton fundraiser in Florida told The Hill. “My message to anyone reading this is, ‘Don’t call me, I’ll call you.’”

The left grew comfortable after eight years of Obama, thinking the White House was in the bag. They lost touch with the American people and didn’t realize we had grown sick of Obama’s empty promises and the radical policies of the democrats.

Now with the future of the party uncertain, donors are withdrawing support. Why would they give away their hard earned money to politicians who cannot hold onto their seats? Why support a party that is driving away voters in record numbers?

As I’ve said before, unless the DNC reforms it will have very little left to show for it in the coming years.

Source: Western Journalism

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