BREAKING: Vegas Oddsmaker Makes STUNNING Prediction! A MASSIVE Win Coming For…

Las Vegas is the betting capital of the world, and in one of the biggest presidential races in American history, one man is predicting a big win.  And who are you going to trust more—the mainstream media pollsters or a guy who is putting his money where his mouth is?

Wayne Allyn Root isn’t just a political pundit. He’s also a Vegas oddsmaker. There’s no one better to run the numbers, analyze the data and predict a winner.

At Breitbart, Root explains:

Don’t look now, but I’m about to look very smart. All the ingredients have fallen perfectly into place for “Trexit,” our own version of Brexit starring Donald Trump.

My final prediction? It’s the same one I told personally to Donald Trump a week ago. I was opening speaker at Trump’s rally in Las Vegas in front of 10,000 fans. When I saw Donald backstage I told him, “Here’s my prediction…You will win by a 10-point landslide…but Democrats cheat by 8 points…so the final official election results will show you won by 2.”

My prediction is based on three things: Brexit, Goldman Sachs and what I call the ANGRY WHITE ELECTORATE effect. Let’s start with Goldman Sachs.

Root goes on to explain how those three factors point to a Trump win.

First, all the UK polls said that the British would vote to stay in the European Union. The elites were shocked when the people voted to “leave” instead.

Root then explains that two weeks ago, Goldman Sachs issued a report insisting that the US election was nothing like Brexit — which led Root to conclude that they were bluffing, purposely spreading disinformation in a panic.

Meanwhile, that “angry white electorate” is in evidence everywhere (as long as you ignore the mainstream media.) No one has ever seen crowds like Trump is attracting, with many previously disenfranchised citizens turning up.

Root’s in depth analysis is thought provoking. Everyone will find out whether or not he was right soon enough.

Source: Breitbart

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