BREAKING: West Virginia GOP Primary..The Results Are In And The Winner Is…

Even though Donald Trump is now the presumptive nominee, Ted Cruz, who today told Glenn Beck he might “un-suspend” his campaign, can still pick up delegates that can cause havoc, rewrite rules and even the party platform at the convention. In one extremely unlikely scenario, they might even nominate him from the floor.

So even though it is now a one horse race, it is essential that Trump continue to pick up votes and delegates in these last 10 contests.

It seems like he is off to a good start tonight in West Virgina, as reported by ABC News…

ABC News projects that Donald Trump will win the West Virginia Republican primary, based on exit poll analysis.

Eight in 10 primary voters from West Virginia are excited or optimistic about what Trump would do in office if he were elected president.

With these uncontested primaries, Trump moves closer to the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination before this summer’s convention.

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Source: ABC News

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