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By Cheryl Chumley|September 13, 2016

Talk about a campaign shocker… apparently, Hillary Clinton’s health has become quite a factor.

In fact, even the Democrats have been forced to admit their candidate may not be all she’s cracked up to be—and in a massive surprise that’s rocking the political world, the Democratic National Committee apparently has a replacement in mind, should her physical condition not permit her to run.

Who is it?

Drum roll, please…

Right Wing News has the latest:

I’m sure you’re thinking that the Democratic [p]residential candidate runner-up would get the spot of nominee if the current nominee isn’t able to run the rest of her campaign but alas, the Dems appear to hate Bernie Sanders so much that they aren’t giving him that chance. Instead, they will be nominating Joe Biden, [in] the event that Hillary Clinton becomes unable to continue running for [p]resident.

The news of Clinton’s health has quickly moved from the conspiracy sidelines into the reality field, and those who tried to hush the talk are a bit red-faced now.

For instance, Right Wing News mocked:

Oh and before we go any further, I would like to say ‘TAKE THAT, Sarah Silverman!’ You called Americans a horrible name if we DARED question Queen Hillary’s health, but now her own party is suggesting she might drop out due to her declining health.

Political cynics wonder if Clinton’s race was all a ruse to get Biden.

The logic works this way: Biden is known by Democrats as a solid politician – but by the media and most of America, as a man of many gaffes.

“Did the Democrats know about Hillary’s failing health, and needed to keep [Biden] out of the race because they couldn’t risk him saying anything stupid in public?” RightWingNews.com asked. “Or is Biden just as shocked about this as everyone else?”

The fact remains, Biden’s team is at the ready for him to enter the race. In the leadup to the convention, Biden’s backers were still putting out that he might run the presidential race, and those with money were reportedly ready to contribute big time to his campaign.

Source: Right Wing News

Cheryl Chumley
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