WOW! British Prime Minister DESTROYS Leftist Scheme—They Didn’t See THIS One Coming…

Many Americans are hearing the name “Theresa May” for the first time this week, as she takes over from David Cameron to become Britain’s Prime Minister.

She’s been in public life for some time and many are at odds about just how “conservative” this Conservative leader will be, judging by her history.

However, one of her first decisions as leader has many cheering already. James Delingpole reports for Breitbart:

Incoming Prime Minister Theresa May has driven a stake through the heart of her predecessor David Cameron’s fluffy, faux-Conservative project by scrapping the Department of Energy And Climate Change (DECC). (…)

Sure, DECC might have seemed on the face of it a nothing department which could safely be handed over to the losers, perverts and half wits the Liberal Democrat party tends to attract. What appeared to have escaped the Prime Minister’s notice is that any department with the word “Energy” in the title – effectively puts the people who run it in charge of a goodly part of the economy.

Delingpole says the Department was driven to enforce something called the Climate Change Act, which meant England was “committed to more stringent ‘decarbonisation’ targets than any other country in the world, at an annual cost of around £19 billion a year.”

He also notes that “it’s not clear how much of DECC’s £5.7 billion budget will be saved now that it is being absorbed into” another government ministry.

So perhaps May’s move is simply window dressing to appease those in the “right wing” of her party. However, it sends a hopeful signal to those who hope that the British Establishment got the message of the Brexit vote, that the people are tired of these idiotic schemes.

Source: Breitbart

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