REVEALED: The BRUTAL Ad That Hillary Hates…But We All Know Is TRUE!

We always knew it would be an uphill battle for Democratic candidate for president, Hillary Clinton.

Although she thinks she deserves to be the first woman president–that it should be all but handed to her–the American people don’t agree. She has a long reputation as an unpleasant, disagreeable, and downright corrupt politician. Her years in the public eye have cemented that image.

The only thing going for her, of course, is a complicit liberal media who turns a blind eye to her many flaws. Yet the list that disqualifies her for the position keeps growing. From her time as first lady to her years as senator and SoS, Hillary has proven herself to be an incompetent and dangerous leader.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps her greatest flaw is her relationship with husband Bill. During a campaign, rivals and detractors will point at a candidate’s spouse to discredit them. Ted Cruz started the ball rolling when he wrongfully slandered Donald Trump’s wife, former model, Melania. But anti-Hillary groups don’t have to work too hard to showcase Bill as a bad man.

From National Review (via the Clash Daily):

Hillary Clinton’s self-image as a feminist champion has always been at odds with her political partnership with a serial womanizer. Hillary tends to get a pass, because the 1990s were long ago, the media often scold anyone who brings up the scandals, and most politicians hesitate to talk about someone else’s marriage.

Even though the 90’s were so long, long ago, as the articles claims, many of us remember the scandal that dominated Bill Clinton’s final years in office. The ad that is floating around right now shows Bill with many young women, and reminds voters of his sleazy ways. Hillary Clinton can’t truly champion herself as a candidate for women, when she’s complicit in her husband’s suspicious behavior.

You’ve still got your work cut out for yourself, Hillary. Do you think you have enough time to public perception? Perhaps not.


Source: Clash Daily

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