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BRUTAL: Leftist Politifact Slams Hillary HARD…’Categorically FALSE!’
By PJ Editor|June 1, 2016

When a Democrat loses Politifact, you know they have no friends left!

As the Clinton campaign continues to spiral the drain, the rats continue to abandon the ship. The damage that last week’s IG report on Servergate cannot be understated. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

HotAir has more…

We’ve spent plenty of time explaining how PolitiFact is not the “arbiter of truth” they present themselves to be. In fact, as John Nolte has so brilliantly pointed out over the years, most of these “fact checker” sites are merely opportunities for the media to protect liberal politicians and agendas by attacking any opposition under the cloaking device of “fact checking.”

So, imagine how hard it must have been for the team of lefties over at PolitiFact to reluctantly concede that for the past 15 months, their candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton, has been lying to our faces about her unauthorized, non-secure, private email scam.

Screenshot (39)Before we fall for the inclination to give Polifact credit for this, HotAir points out…

We’ve all known that policy and we’ve all known that Clinton willfully broke that policy. So why wait to call the once and future president a liar? Because the IG report gives PolitiFact the fig leaf they need. It would have taken actual journalism and courage to use the power of their brand to call Hillary out on the obvious lie that her use of a private, unsecured server was “permitted” prior to the IG report, and PolitiFact just couldn’t ring themselves to do so.

Well, better late than never. Besides, by dropping this now, it just feeds the avalanche of bad news that is bombarding Clinton ahead of the California primary. It also increases the chance that she will suffer a palace coup ahead of the Democrat Convention later this month!

Source: HotAir

PJ Editor
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