BOOM! BRUTAL TRUTH BOMB On Entitled Liberal BRAT…Americans Are CHEERING!

There seems to be a trend among those receiving public assistance, especially young college students, that because they are receiving such assistance, it means that they are, somehow, entitled to receive it and therefore entitled to be able to dictate the terms under which they receive it.

Along with dictating everything else associated with getting a free handout, including forbidding anyone on campus from being seen or implying they might be having a meeting with the new president-elect, Donald Trump since Trump is considered persona non grata on campus.

Yes, the students actually consider themselves little dictators on campus who will throw a hissy fit, temper tantrum if Santa doesn’t do what they want and make that bad man go away. They want the queen of corruption, Hillary Clinton, to give them their ‘baba’ every day and then put them down for a nap with their pacifier!

Well, FOX News’ Tucker Carlson, had to give another entitled brat the straight talk about why his liberal opinion isn’t going to cut it.

Watch how Carlson kicks his little behind on the video posted on Louder With Crowder:

This video has everything. It has Goldman Sachs. It has Donald Trump. There’s a college student who wants someone fired. And all because a college trustee MET with Trump. The trustee didn’t openly support Trump, nor was he caught with a “Make America Great Again” beer koozie. He simply went to a meeting with the President-elect. What a schmuck.

What this kid needs is a big dose of reality across the forehead like a two by four! What the heck happened to common sense and a free exchange of Ideas. “The Idiocracy” is starting to look more and more like it’s actually going to be our future!

Source: Louder With Crowder



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