KARMA! Major Business DROPS Ivanka Trump…But They Didn’t See THIS Coming!

With the election of Donald Trump to the White House and a return to conservative politics in Washington, many on the left are trying to fight back.

While they lack any real power to make change in D.C. (and many seats at the state level), they are trying to use their influence in Hollywood, the media, and big business to get their point across.

We know that the many charlatans in movies, TV, and news dishonestly prop up the left. Despite using fact and logic to support their arguments, they use emotional pleas and sometimes outright lies to tear down conservatives and support their toxic ideas.

Yet businesses, especially retail businesses, have tried to stay out of the fight. That is until this election, when major companies dumped millions into Hillary’s coffers. Even now there are companies coming out to criticize the President. Some have even allowed politics to alter the way they do businesses.

This is all a result of bully tactics from the left, and CEO who allow their political views to affect their business decisions, as was the case when Nordstrom chose to drop Ivanka Trump’s line of products.

Even though it was a successful brand, the company has made a political statement to appease commercial terrorists on the left.

But as it turns out, many shoppers do not agree with the move.

From Breitbart:

Retail department store Nordstrom’s decision last week to cut first daughter Ivanka Trump’s fashion line has sparked a tremendous backlash from consumers—especially women—who say the company’s move has led them to boycott the store and cut up their Nordstrom’s cards.

Nordstrom’s claimed that the Ivanka Trump brand wasn’t performing well, but industry insiders tell Breitbart News that’s just not accurate. Nordstrom’s decision to mislead the public on why they are stopping carrying the Ivanka Trump brand is part of the fury out there among its longtime customers, who tell Breitbart News they’re cutting up their Nordstrom’s cards and won’t shop at the store anymore. Some even say they plan to return all their recent purchases.

The store claims that they dropped Ivanka’s line because it was not selling well. This despite their recent statement to the contrary: “[It] has grown to be a sizable and successful business.” A statement they made last November, when pressure began from liberal groups.

Pathetic and bitter liberals mounted a campaign to force the company to drop the brand. This not because it was inferior to other products, or they didn’t like the products, but just because it had the name Trump on it.

This kind of manipulation is childish and sad. Still, Nordstrom claims that they are dropping the line because of poor sales. This of course is not true.

Despite efforts by a handful of people to boycott Ivanka Trump’s line, her business manager Abigail Klem told the Guardian last year that the brand has seen “significant year over year revenue growth.”

“We are proud that our business is growing rapidly and that our brand resonates strongly with women who are inspired by our messaging and excited about the polished and chic solution-oriented products that we offer,” Klem said.

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According to a study by BrandKeys, a total of 83 percent of millennial women still liked Ivanka’s line, regardless of politics.

There has been a strong movement by a portion of hardcore liberals to boycott any product or company associated with Trump. But this does not represent the majority of shoppers and customers who–around the world–do not allow politics to control their spending decisions.

But what does? Ridiculous moves by companies trying to make political statements.

A copy of a letter that our niece, Elise, sent to Mr. Nordstrom.Good Morning – I was a very happy and long term…

Posted by Shari Bartel Dresselhaus on Friday, February 3, 2017

Many women nationwide have told Breitbart News as well that they plan to stop shopping at Nordstrom’s.

“I will stop patronizing their stores, after 30 years of loyalty, until they stop caving in to the left looneys!” Gay Moreno, who lives in Crossville, Tennessee, told Breitbart News. “Political beliefs are one thing; weakness in the face of anarchy is another!”

This is a pretty consistent answer that most customers have been echoing. Nordstrom’s political decision will no doubt hurt their business, perhaps years to come.

Shoppers want good products. They will often pay high prices for them, as evidenced by the existence of over-priced stores like Nordstrom. Yet when they shutter a winning brand, because a few liberals don’t like it, they are putting cowardice ahead of profit.

That’s not good for any business.

Source: Breitbart

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