Look What California Just Forced On Its School Children—Millions Of Parents Revolt

It’s no secret that the educational system in America swings pretty hard to the Left, but that doesn’t make it any less disconcerting when you take a gander at the policies and procedures that pass for good judgement.

While it’s ultimately on the parents or caretakers to steer kids straight, the battle becomes all the more challenging when their children’s heads are filled with a bunch of gobbledy gook from teachers and administrators.  

Here’s another disturbing example of that, and parents across the nation should be up in arms about it.

Breitbart reports:

The school board of Northern California’s Rocklin Academy Gateway voted unanimously to keep a policy that allows books that promote transgenderism to be read to children as young as five, but added a policy that they would warn parents before they did.

Despite notifying the parents, however, the school board denied a proposal to give parents the right to pull their children out of classes that would teach the children pro-transgender education, essentially making the notification rule useless.

Putting aside beliefs on transgenderism for a moment, how can one possibly justify exposing children whose minds aren’t capable of grasping the topic to a lesson such as this?

Again, this applies regardless of feelings on transgenderism as a whole. There’s zero reason to be exploring such a complex topic with children of this age. Zero.

The controversial vote came about after a kindergarten teacher read “I Am Jazz” — a book about a transgender child’s transition to the opposite sex — and then allegedly held something of a “transition ceremony” where a young boy went into a bathroom, and then reemerged dressed in girl’s clothing. The teacher identified the boy as a girl, with a girl’s name.

The event shocked and disturbed some of the children, many who went home crying that they were going to turn into the opposite sex.

Parents have every right to be concerned when their little ones come home upset over a ‘lesson’ that was shared by a teacher without their knowledge.

Let’s back up to before the school board came to its ridiculous decision. Why would this book be approved to be shared with kindergartners in the first place?

Moving forward, perhaps it’s time for schools to publish each and every single lesson that has been approved for teaching in the classroom. Engaged parents can then scan through these lessons, and there should be an open forum in which concerns are addressed.

We’ll fancy a guess that a lot of red flags would’ve been raised over this kindergarten teachers outrageous suggestion.

As for refusing the parents right to remove their children from the classroom for a lesson they view to be inappropriate, we would sincerely hope that an attorney is already all over this to expose it for the complete nonsense that it is.

Source: Red State

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