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California Secession Movement Explodes In Civil War…Liberals Are CRACKING UP!
By Faith Braverman|April 17, 2017

Facing the harsh reality that President Trump won the election has been difficult for California. In an attempt to remain insulated in their perfect gluten-free bubble, the state has been ramping up efforts to part ways with the rest of the U.S.

The far-out notion of California secession has gained new currency, fueled by anti-Trump sentiments and titillated media coverage. Despite formerly scoffing at states that wanted to secede when Obama was president, liberal California has now embraced the concept of state’s rights.

But the effort to cleave California is facing a crackup of its own.

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In true Democrat fashion, bitter infighting has led to Californians failing to unite behind a common exit strategy.

From LA Times:

At least four proposals are floating about to reshape the state in some fashion, including two that would split up California along different axes. All work at cross-purposes, and the result is varied degrees of hostility among proponents; none of the plans seems likely to reach fruition anytime soon, if ever.

That is something they have in common.

Jed Wheeler and Marcus Ruiz Evans are two leaders of different Calexit movements in the state. Both are seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are echoing various conservative talking points in their arguments to secede.

For example, both believe the federal government takes too much of their tax revenue, and that the rest of the country doesn’t share their values. “We can solve our own problems and don’t need to wait on a government 3,000 miles away,” Wheeler stated.

The two plans begin to differ in terms of strategy. Wheeler is going for the long game and wants to wait a dozen years before getting the measure on the ballot, believing this will give the movement more time to gain traction.

Evans believes the timing has never been more perfect for California to break away, and has put the measure on the ballot for 2018.

Whatever path Californians now choose, hopefully it is one that frees us from the snowflake infested burden that the state has now become.

Source: LA Times

Faith Braverman
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