California Self-Destructs In One SHOCKING Move…Budget-Busting Handout Signals The END!

Is there anything stupid that California won’t do?

Time and again we’ve seen this state become a posterchild for failed, liberal policies. Their minimum wage hike has driven jobs from their cities. Their priority of sanctuary cities and benefits for illegals has caused their bridges and dams to collapse.

Perhaps worst of all is their intention on creating a universal health care system. Even though we’ve seen Obamacare crash and burn, liberals in CA are still trying to make it happen.

And the cost is a big one.

From Sacramento Bee:

The price tag is in: It would cost $400 billion to remake California’s health insurance marketplace and create a publicly funded universal health care system, according to a state financial analysis released Monday.

California would have to find an additional $200 billion per year, including in new tax revenues, to create a so-called “single-payer” system, the analysis by the Senate Appropriations Committee found. The estimate assumes the state would retain the existing $200 billion in local, state and federal funding it currently receives to offset the total $400 billion price tag…

It remains a long-shot bid. Steep projected costs have derailed efforts over the past two decades to establish such a health care system in California. The cost is higher than the $180 billion in proposed general fund and special fund spending for the budget year beginning July 1.

Yep you read that right.

The cost of creating a single-payer health system would be twice of their current budget. It would be so expensive, they’d need to find $200 billion more than they are already bringing in through taxes (or what they hope to bring in to cover their current costs).

If that sounds insane to you, good. You’re smarter than every liberal politician in California.

This is Socialism in a nutshell. Sure, free healthcare for all sounds great, on paper. But the reality is someone has to pay for it. And unless California wants to raise taxes to shocking new heights (like the 50%-60% income tax Europeans pay for their Socialism), it’s just not going to work.

But let them try. Tax paying citizens with half a brain will flee the state, going to any other state that doesn’t tax them into oblivion. The only people left would be freeloaders who are taking more than they are putting in.

How long do you think that will last?

Here’s an idea: create an environment where people with businesses can thrive. They will be able to hire more staff, who could earn money to pay for things like health insurance. Crazy, I know, but I think that will work.

Let’s see if California will come to its senses.

Source: Sacramento Bee

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