WHOA! Call For Violence Against Trump Staffers…You Won’t Believe Who Said It!

During this campaign, we’ve witnessed Democratic delegates and pro-Bernie protesters issuing death threats and even coming to blows — sometimes with each other. Conservatives tend to find these displays sad but not surprising, given the left’s violent history.

However, when someone well-placed in the GOP uses the same tactics, sane folks on the right can’t help but wonder what’s happening to the party.

The Arizona Daily Independent reports:

Bruce Ash, Arizona’s RNC Committeeman, who stunned Republicans two years ago with a call for violence against conservative radio talker James T. Harris, has now called for presidential candidate Donald Trump’s top campaign staff to be shot execution style.

Harris tweeted after the threat: “AZRNC Committeeman Bruce Ash calls for “execution” of Donald Trump staff on radio! #don’tkneecapme.”

“This is not just on Prebius, this is on Trump also. The men that he was supposed to have in the RNC watching the chicken house weren’t watching the chicken house, and they oughta be taken in back of that shed and shot in the back of the head execution style because they fell down on their duty and let this happen,” stated Ash.

Ash was clearly upset when he spoke on Saturday afternoon. He was blasting Reince Prebius’ decision to appoint former Congresswoman Enid Mickelsen to chair convention the Rules Committee. Ash said that Trump’s top men Ed Brookhover, Paul Manafort, and Corey Lewandowski were “asleep at the switch.”

The Democrats can easily exploit a tantrum like this to paint all Republicans as unhinged, especially in the wake of a mass shooting like the one in Orlando. That this is the second time Ash has said something outrageous makes the situation all the more concerning. Who IS “watching the chicken house” — in Arizona?

Source: Proud Cons

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