Canadians To Refugees From America: “Stay Out!” Especially YOU…

Much to the consternation of liberals, President Donald Trump has made it crystal clear that the United States will get a handle on immigration under his watch.

While Trump has unveiled a number of common sense solutions aimed at placing the interests of our nation first, he has been met with resistance at every turn.

As such, his overall message is getting distorted. However, there is a group of folks that are hearing Trump loud and clear. Refugees are hightailing it out of the US, but they don’t have to go all that far to find a welcoming home.

The Montreal Gazette passes along some details on the influx of refugees north of the border.  

Francine Dupuis, who oversees PRAIDA, a government-funded program to help seekers get on their feet in Quebec, said the number of refugee claimants is unprecedented.

Following a recent wave of Syrian refugees, most are now Haitians fleeing the United States for fear their temporary resident status will be revoked and hoping to find refuge in Montreal’s large Haitian community.

“It’s unheard of,” Dupuis said. “In 30 years, I’ve never seen this kind of volume or intensity.”

Despite the welcoming atmosphere afforded to migrants by the Canadian government, things are getting out of hand for those that actually have to deal with the consequences.

Dupuis said about 90 per cent of asylum seekers coming into Quebec now are Haitian. In July, PRAIDA received 1,200 new requests for refugees, nearly four times more than an average month.

“We’re doing our best, but obviously there’s going to be a limit. And we’re close to that limit.”

Perhaps Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his band of do-gooders will wake up and realize that things need to be tightened up.

That probably won’t happen, as that would run afoul of Trudeau’s ‘rock star’ status among his fawning liberal fans.

Instead, those tasked with clean-up duty related to government decisions will continue to be flat-out overwhelmed and unable to manage things in an orderly fashion.
Source: Montreal Gazette

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