Senate Candidate SHOCK Proposal…Trump’s Muslin Ban “Not Enough” – He Want To…

Plenty of people, mostly on the left, have bashed Trump’s policy on a temporary ban of Muslim immigrants.

While it sounds drastic, we are living in drastic times.

Until we put a lid on violent terrorists like ISIS, we need to take every step to ensure our nation is safe.

Now we know Trump’s not the only conservative with such a strong view on immigration.

Robert Blaha, Republican primary candidate in Colorado’s Senate race, has announced an even stricter view on the issue.

From Buzzfeed:

“I want to go beyond just Muslims,” Blaha said at a GOP meeting in Fremont County. “And I’ll tell you why. The issue is not—the issue is partially a religious issue, but the real issue there is—the real issue is security. The real issue is we do not know who these people are. We don’t know where they’re coming from, we don’t know whether a terrorist state. We do not have the ability as a government right now to vet these people.”

Blaha did not specify exactly what other criteria should be used to ban an immigrant, but he did emphasize the need for tighter oversight.

He wants a strong vetting system in place to ensure the government knows exact who is coming into our country, where they’re from, and what they intend to do.

“Until we can properly vet people and know who they are and know where they’re coming from and know what their belief structures are they’re coming out of, we cannot afford to take that risk,” he said.

This is simple common sense.

Why should we let foreigners come to the country, in an age of rampant terrorism, without knowing the basics? Simple documentation and vetting should be enough to clear the vast majority of immigrants.

It’s not that hard. Yet Obama’s policy is so severe, it puts pressure on our system.

Let’s hope common sense approaches like Blaha are adopted in the next administration.

Source: Buzzfeed

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