The Case Of The Missing Clinton Voters Will Make You As Happy As It Does Donald Trump

Months of bad press, missteps, and scandal have done serious damage to Hillary Clinton.

It doesn’t help that Bernie Sanders continues to pound away at her.

Clinton is seeing her supporters disappear at an alarming rate.

Based on data collected from her 2008 campaign and reported by NBC, she saw a drastic drop of 65% of her supporters in West Virginia alone!

It looks like supporters of her failed 2008 campaign aren’t willing to give her another chance.

Since the beginning of Hillary’s career in law and politics, she has baffled voters with her constantly changing positions.

Just recently, she received speculation for her stance on the coal industry. The beginning of her campaign fought hard to shut down the coal industry, and preached about the new ways she would come up with to power cities across the United States. West Virginia, a state that relies heavily on coal for its economic prosperity, clearly wasn’t having any of the games she is playing.

According to the American Mirror…

Democratic voters are flocking to the polls during this year’s primaries, but they certainly aren’t supporting the same candidate. The party’s supporters are split between Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Clinton. Recent polls show that 44% of Democratic voters will support Hillary in November, 33% say they will support Republican candidate Donald Trump, and 21% claim they will not support either.

So what does the future hold for the Democratic party?

As of now, it looks like they’re too divided to really make a prediction. Secretary Clinton holds a strong lead in delegates, but if it comes down to the likely scenario of Clinton versus Trump in November, many of the party’s members won’t be pledging support to either.

In order to win the American vote, first you should probably have your party’s support.

To Secretary Clinton: Good luck getting through without it, because it doesn’t look like you’ve impressed your so-called “supporters”.

Source: The American Mirror

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