WHOA! Leftist News Channel Makes SHOCKING Trump Admission…We Didn’t Expect THIS!

The liberal media is clearly in a tailspin.

As they do all they can to discredit candidates like Cruz and Trump, their own buddies do little to help their image.

Hillary Clinton, the leftist front runner and puppet master of the media, has a record so tarnished even silver polish can’t clean it. Bernie Sanders, who enjoyed a short-lived boost, is quickly loosing the air in his sails.

The writing is on the wall and, while some still refuse to accept it, there are some reporters at least copping to the reality that Trump has the advantage.

CBS News recently posted an editorial entitled, “Yes, Donald Trump can beat Hillary Clinton.”

Written by historically liberal Will Rahn, the piece admits that Trump has a strong advantage over Clinton. You can tell he admits this through gritted teeth, only going as far as he can to the edge without jumping over.

From Conservative Tribune:

“What happens when Trump, after Hillary inevitably accuses him of sexism, says that Bill is a rapist, a serial assaulter of women, and that she is his enabler?” Rahn wrote. What happens when he incorporates this into his stump speech? The upside, if you can call it that, to Trump’s refusal to act ‘presidential’ is that he is the only candidate who will go that far. Trump, and Trump alone, is the only candidate who would not only resurrect all the Clinton sex scandals, but make them a centerpiece of his campaign.”

Oh, Trump has more than the sex scandals up his sleeve.

Although Rahn refuses to acknowledge the many questionable actions by the Clintons over the years, he cannot ignore these glaring embarrassments.

Neither will Trump. The litany of shocking behavior on the part of Bill and Hillary is enough to turn away many undecided voters. But of course there’s more.

[O]ne never hears Rahn talk about the times Hillary Clinton went “too low” by insinuating Barack Obama was a Muslim or by leading a full-on character assault against the women who accused her husband of sexual impropriety.

Don’t worry, Trump is going to talk about all that. He’s going to tear apart the shady, insubstantial reputation of the Hillary and the former President. The Clinton’s have enjoyed a gilded history in this country, thanks to a complicit news and entertainment industry. But that’s all going to go away once Trump starts his general election efforts. The wool will finally be pulled from the public’s eyes and we’ll see the Clinton’s as the charlatans and criminals they’ve always been.

And yes, he’s going to absolutely destroy her in the election.

The fact that CBS news at least acknowledges this potential is a massive crack in their great wall of liberalism. It will only continue to shudder and break apart as Trump gains more momentum throughout the country.

What do you think?

Does Trump have a chance against Clinton?

How far do you think he’ll go to discredit the former Secretary of State?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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