Cher Pours Gasoline On Democrat Civil War, Annihilates Pelosi In Devastating Tweet

When Donald Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 election, liberal celebrities went into full meltdown mode.

Prior to the election, dozens of famous leftists publicly announced that they would move out of the United States if Trump won. The craziest of these announcements came from Cher, who said that she would leave not just this country, but the entire planet Earth as well.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, none of these people actually followed through on their promises.

It might be for the better that Cher stuck around though, because she is starting to turn on her leftist friends.

Surprisingly, Cher had some harsh words for her fellow Democrats following liberal sweetheart John Ossoff’s loss in the Georgia special election.

As reported by The Hill:

Cher is joining some Democratic lawmakers in blaming House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) for the party’s loss in the Georgia special election. 

The singer was responding to tweets by Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) that said Democrats need a new message if they want to win in 2018.

Cher has been vocal in her support for Democrats and her dislike for President Trump, once wishing that he would “fall off the face of the Earth.”

Moulton and other Democratic lawmakers blamed Pelosi for Democrat Jon Ossoff’s loss in the Georgia special election Tuesday, saying that the party needed to rebrand itself to win back the House during the 2018 midterm elections.

Republican Karen Handel won the historically GOP district with a campaign that tied Ossoff to Pelosi.

Democrats must know they have a problem when even far-left loons like Cher start to waver.

The Democratic Party is one of the most fundamentally flawed organizations in modern history. Far from the small-government, pro-Constitution party of Jackson, Jefferson, and even Kennedy, the Democratic Party has morphed into a collaboration between multinational corporations, special interests, billionaires, and deep state activists.

These shady figures want one thing, and one thing only: control.

The best method to gain control of the country is to institute socialist policies. Historically, these policies always end up infringing upon individual rights, and that is exactly what the Democratic Party wants here in America.

Democrats can actually be devastatingly effective at instituting these policies when they use a combination of voter fraud and propaganda to win elections. Fortunately, Democrats have failed at using these methods in recent elections, because they are instead devoting all their energy to smearing President Trump.

The Democrats do not understand that the American people do not want to hear more lies about the president. The American people want to hear about policy and a vision for the future, and the Democrats have come up short in those categories.

As a result, Democrats are losing more and more elections every day. Nancy Pelosi’s methods are draining her party of both money and congressional seats.

If the Democrats ever want to win again, they must restructure themselves. Pelosi is finished, and Cher’s attack makes that abundantly clear.

Hopefully Cher will have more moments of mental clarity. She might even end up as a conservative.

Source: The Hill

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