Report: 3 Americans On China Trip Arrested! They Face 10 Years In Prison For…

When you’re traveling to another country, there are plenty of rules you have to follow – especially when your President happens to be visiting the same nation.

There are things about the new culture you need to understand, so you won’t offend your host. There are laws you should be aware of, so you won’t end up breaking the law – or embarrassing your nation.

But you don’t need any special rules to avoid the trouble these basketball players are now in. In fact, it’s a pretty obvious thing: don’t steal from a store.

From Daily Wire:

College basketball teams UCLA and Georgia Tech were set to square off in the foreign country on Saturday in Shanghai. Now it is unclear what will happen to LiAngelo Ball and two other players who were detained for allegedly stealing from a Louis Vuitton store…

The commissioner of Pac-12 issued a statement reading:

“Yesterday in Hangzhou, China, U.C.L.A. student-athletes were involved in a situation, and U.C.L.A. is cooperating fully with local authorities. We are directing all inquiries about the specifics of this matter to U.C.L.A. We are very disappointed by any situation that detracts from the positive student-athlete educational and cultural experience that this week is about. Whether in the United States or abroad, we expect our student-athletes to uphold the highest standards. We will continue to closely monitor the situation…”

The arrest of these UCLA all-stars could end up being the biggest sports scandal in the school’s history. other notable moments included P. Diddy avoiding charges after swinging a kettle bell weight at a UCLA staffer in 2015 and roughly two dozen football players being charged with parking in handicapped spots in the 1990’s.

This is bad press for the school. You can imagine the kind of work that goes into planning an international event like this. America schools have to coordinate with Chinese schools. A ton of paperwork must be filed, not to mention security screenings on both sides. This probably took a year or more to plan.

Now all that work and goodwill is ruined because these idiots tried to rob a store. It wasn’t even a store unique to China, Louis Vuitton’s are everywhere.

This shows you the kind of entitled arrogance displayed by many athletes. Even college basketball stars are coddled; they think the rules don’t apply to them. Normally, when the get into trouble, their coaches and schools sweep it under the rug. Not this time.

These students are going to learn that you can’t break laws in China and get away with it. You’re not in California anymore.

Source: Daily Wire

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