Chris Wallace Drops A BOMBSHELL On Trump’s Speech — This Changes EVERYTHING!

The most fascinating aspect of President Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress last night wasn’t necessarily anything he said.

It was other people’s reaction to it.

Not those assembled in the House, whose reactions were predictably divided along party lines. Again and again, TV cameras showed the Republican side leaping to their feet to give Trump standing ovations, while Democrats stayed in their seats most of the time and often appeared to be sulking.

No—in the age of social media, viewers are eager to live-tweet their own reactions, and these messages revealed something fascinating if slightly disturbing.

Take Chris Wallace of Fox News:

Dissecting Trump’s speech with his Fox News colleagues, Wallace said, in part:

I thought it was by far the best speech I’ve ever heard Donald Trump give. It was one of the best speeches in that setting that I’ve heard any president give. He certainly kept faith with his base. (…)

On the other hand, he reached out … he talked about radical Islamic terrorism,” he continued. “That’s the first time any president has ever said that in the well of the House. (…)

I want to say this right, but I feel like tonight, Donald Trump became the president of the United States.

Wallace’s remarks were echoed by individuals as unlikely as Democratic operative Van Jones, and others on both sides of the political aisle.

But no doubt millions of longtime Trump supporters are shaking their heads this morning as they read these “shocked and stunned” comments. Why?

Because the Donald Trump they heard last night sounded exactly like the one they have been cheering for all along!

Many were probably able to finish the president’s sentences as he hit familiar talking points about radical Islamic terrorism, Obamacare and border security that come straight out of his campaign stump speech. His forceful tone was the same as always, too.

So the mainstream reaction — that this “new” and more “impressive” Donald Trump had suddenly arrived on the scene — is hilarious, but also a bit disturbing.

It accidentally proves that all this time, liberals have been so focused on passing around unflattering Trump soundbites, watching Saturday Night Live sketches and sharing ugly anti-Trump cartoons throughout their echo chamber, that they evidently have never actually heard Trump speak at length before last night, when they were pretty much forced to do so.

Yet these are the same liberals who insist that they are intellectually superior to the “rubes” in “flyover country” who voted for Trump.

And they also express befuddlement that nobody listens to their clearly uninformed, half-baked opinions any longer.

Source: Breitbart

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