Christians, Gays, Women Fleeing Asylum Centers…The Reason Will Make You Sick

As the fight continues in America over the acceptance of Middle-Eastern refugees, the news out of Europe continues to be bleak.

We’ve already reported the growing distrust in countries like Germany over the many Muslim migrants from Syria.

Now it seems like their worries were more than justified, as countless innocent victims are being harassed in asylum centers.

According to Breitbart:

The violence toward ethnic minorities, religious minorities and women continues to skyrocket across German asylum centres. Muslim men tear up Bibles and assault Christians, sexually abuse women and children, and beat up homosexuals. The news has led to calls from human rights campaigners to say enough is enough.

The situation is very severe.

One story comes out of Stuttgart, where an Assyrian Christian was being abused by a Muslim roommate.A petition was started to secure separate housing that was signed by over 17,000 people.

Thankfully, in this case, the petition was accepted and the city of Stuttgart provided separate housing for 30 Christians. But more horror stories are coming in.

It’s common practice to provide special housing for victims of sexual abuse. Over 1100 refugee women, former sex slaves of the Islamic State, were given separate housing, as other migrantsperhaps sympathetic to the Islamic Statewould try to abuse them further.

One victim of sexual abuse is said to have been only eight years old at the time of her abuse by ISIS. Another girl had to be treated by specialist burn victim doctors because the constant sexual torment drove her to try and light herself on fire in a failed attempt at suicide. 

The burden to protect these individuals falls not on national leaders, but local councils and authorities, such as the ones in Stuttgart. And the overwhelming tide of refugees often makes this task simply impossible, due to the limitations of housing and resources.

If Syrian and other refugees begin to flood American soil, we can expect the same kind of situation.

Are our leaders in Washington equipped to handle such problems? Or will they shirk the responsibility, leaving it to local leaders, who may not have the tools to deal with it properly?

Source: Breitbart

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