Chris Christie Attacks: Drops STUNNING Allegation About Clinton & Sanders…Shakes Campaign To Core!

After a fraught race for the GOP nomination, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has turned into one of Donald Trump’s most visible cheerleaders.

No stranger to controversy himself, Christie is a divisive figure within the party. However, his latest remarks will likely have many of his conservative detractors applauding. When asked about the violence directed at Trump supporters everywhere the Republican candidate appears, Christie placed the blame right at the top.

According to The Daily Caller…

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Donald Trump supporter, accused Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders of sending supporters to Trump’s rallies “in order to commit violent acts.”

Christie was asked about the recent violence after casting his vote for Trump in Mendham Township, N.J. on Tuesday.

“I think it’s awful that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have sent their supporters there in order to commit violent acts, and I think it’s a terrible thing,” Christie replied.

Christie said, “Both Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton this week denounced the people finally who are supporters of theirs who are going to Donald’s rallies only to create violence.”

Sanders and Clinton’s campaigns both denounced the violence a few hours after Trump’s rally in San Jose, Calif.

“We saw that going as far back as Chicago a couple of months ago,” Christie continued. “These are people who say that they’re open and tolerant and understanding of other’s views, yet they stand outside and commit violent protests.”

“Everybody is allowed to protest. You can peacefully protest wherever you want [if] you oppose a candidate, go and protest peacefully, but they don’t do that. They commit violent acts, and that’s wrong,” he insisted. “That’s wrong for anybody to do.”

It’s true that both Democratic contenders have condemned this violence, but only while placing the blame at Trump’s feet. Neither Sanders nor Clinton are likely to denounce this mayhem unequivocally. They can’t risk alienating their hardcore fans. Besides, its easy (and smart) to “denounce” violence after the fact while quite possibly encouraging it behind the scenes.


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