STUNNING Claim From Trump Team…’We Got It!’ [The 1 Fact That Guarantees The Nomination]

The numbers have been crunched a hundred different ways.

The delegates have been counted; the polls scrutinized and the scenarios gamed out.

And now the really smart people in the Trump campaign are telling their team what they really want to hear.

Trump’s got the primaries in the bag, if this internal memo would have anything to say about it.

A recent message distributed among his campaign people stated Trump would win 1400 delegates before the convention, destroying any rumors of a contested nomination.

The memo was obtained by the Washington Post and quickly circulated across the Internet.

But what about all this talk of Trump not getting the 1237 needed to be the nominee?

According to the Trump Train, that was all misinformation perpetrated by his rival Ted Cruz.

According to Conservative Tribune:

“The Cruz spin machine produces more lies than anything else,” the memo read. “Our projections call for us to accumulate over 1400 delegates and thus a first ballot nomination win in Cleveland.”

This might actually be the case.

Trump won 89 out of the 92 delegates in New York, beyond what polls and experts were saying. If that trend continues, he will handily secure the nomination, eliminating speculation that the convention will be brokered.

According to the memo, Trump’s real enemy is not Cruz, but the established GOP, who have refused to back Trump, their greatest chance at beating Hillary Clinton.

“The RNC has a lot to answer for as do those who are part of the donor class and the party establishment,” the memo said. “This movement scares the hell out of them and the people scare them, so they will do whatever they can to keep power.”

Strong words from the Trump campaign, but we should expect nothing less.

What do you think?

Is it possible for Trump to earning a whopping 1400 delegates before the convention?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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