Sheriff Clarke Just Dropped A TRUTH BOMB…HUMILIATES Obama On Dallas Shooter! [WATCH]

The country was stunned as we all witnessed the insanity that took place in Dallas. An angry, hate-filled individual, incited by the destructive rhetoric of Black Lives Matter, shot twelve police officers, killing five. This kind of violence cannot be justified and is motivated by people who aim to tear this country apart.

Don’t believe what the mainstream media is saying. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization. They aim to turn black and white Americans against each other. They take events–such as a police officer firing his gun–and distort it to look racist. Officers who are doing their duty to uphold the law and protect citizens are now apparently all racist monsters. Of course people will take up arms and try to kill them. That’s what BLM wants.

Despite this pattern of destruction, the president does nothing. The one man with the influence to strike down the tyranny of Black Lives Matter and inspire black Americans to support their local police and communities, only adds to the problem. Obama’s rhetoric after these events puts the blame on police, gun ownership, or anything other than the real problem. He is all but encouraging groups like BLM to incite hate and violence against white Americans.

Is that what Obama wanted all along?

There are a few voices of reason, however, that are not standing for it.

Via Yes I’m Right:

Sheriff David A. Clarke is one of those people and took Obama down a notch by issuing a speech that as heartfelt but also stern as far as what the President should do in the wake of the killing of law enforcement.

Clarke said “This assault in Houston is an assault on our standard of living.”The Black Lives Matter movement is one of hate and racial division. It doesn’t want to heal the wounds left by senseless acts of violence, it only wants to widen them. If you’re a person that cares about truth, compassion, and the rule of law, you’ll agree.

The Black Lives Matter leaders may not have pulled the trigger, but their toxic rhetoric is what put the idea in that man’s head. They are encouraging a generation of black Americans to hate their neighbors, to blame white people for their problems, and to act out in violence against others. How can they think they will bring America together, when they work so hard to tear us apart?

Check out the Sheriff’s full statement in the video below. Share it with everyone you know.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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