WHOA! Clinton Ally CONVICTED…The Reason Is Turning Heads!

More news about the Democratic Party spiraling out of control.

They’ve enjoyed relative peace and stability since Obama’s election to the White House (though they lost majority in Congress in 2014). They pushed for greater liberal measures in our government and society for years. Yet all that is unraveling as their poster child is about to leave office for good.

The damage Obama has done to this country has left many people disillusioned and frustrated. It has pushed many to support outsider candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Clinton’s all but assured victory has been undermined beyond repair, thanks to the instability of the party.

Well it looks like things are only getting worse for the Democrats.  One of their own, a Hillary Clinton super-delegate, has been taken in by federal authorities. And he’s not coming out any time soon.

Via Free Beacon:

Rep. Chaka Fattah (D., Pa.), a Hillary Clinton super-delegate, was convicted on Tuesday on corruption charges stemming from a racketeering conspiracy in which the congressman and four associates misappropriated thousands of dollars from federal, campaign, and charitable sources.

Fattah and four associates were indicted in July 2015 on 29 corruption charges including racketeering, bribery, money laundering, mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, and falsification of records, among other charges.

The Department of Justice said Fattah took an illegal $1 million loan from his failed Philadelphia mayoral bid in 2007 and disguised it as a loan to his consulting company.

At the end of the campaign, Fattah used a scheme to repay the loan through grants and charitable funds from his nonprofit, the Educational Advancement Alliance, and passed through two other companies. In order to pull off the scheme, sham contracts were created to conceal the contributions and repayment operation. False entries were made into accounting records, campaign finance disclosure statements, and tax returns.

That’s pretty bad. Make no mistake, a scheme like this doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Now that Fattah is down, many cohorts will go down with him. Don’t be surprised to hear about more Democrats being shuffled off in handcuffs soon.

How this will affect the Democratic National Convention or Hillary’s votes remains to be seen.

Source: Free Beacon

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