Uh-Oh! Hillary STUNNED BY THIS Defection…Proves Trump Is WINNING!

You’d think Hillary Clinton’s strongest advantage in the presidential race is her womanhood.

The first viable female candidate for president, all she has to do is gain the support of American women. Boom. Job’s done.

Yet despite her frequent assertion that she’s “for women,” there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

And we’re not just talking about her defense of her philandering husband, Bill.

Time and again Hillary proves she doesn’t care one wit about women or minorities. She’s only looking out for herself.

Don’t believe me? Just check out the video of how she shoved a young black girl out of the way to get on the Subway.

More and more women are realizing Hillary isn’t the spokeswoman they are looking for.

From The Guardian:

Millennial women, for example, prefer Sanders to Clinton and 49% of American women give the secretary of state an unfavorable rating.

Women from across the political spectrum, who often can’t agree on basic policy, are united in their opposition to Hillary.

Many women simply don’t see themselves reflected in Clinton. While most second-wave feminists know her long record of women’s rights advocacy and want to see a female commander-in-chief in their lifetimes, younger feminists are more concerned with a movement that includes women from diverse racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Hillary’s stank of elitism is one of the largest factors in driving women away. Liberals traditionally view themselves as for the “common” people, especially the working class and poor. But Hillary is a million who hobnobs with celebrities and rich politicians. What does she know about the everyday woman?

It’s not only Sanders supporters who don’t feel represented by Clinton. Joy Pullmann, a 29-year-old who supported Ted Cruz, definitely doesn’t see herself in the secretary of state. The pro-life mother of four opposes any government intervention into her personal life and thinks Clinton’s policies on healthcare, daycare and maternity restrict her freedom of choice.

Ah yes. Hillary’s extreme political views on healthcare, abortion, and education are certainly enough to drive many women from her. You can’t claim to represent women in America and support issues that are aggressively opposed to their own values. The millions of pro-life mothers in America won’t support a Clinton.

These are problems that aren’t going away from Clinton and can help explain why someone like Sanders has had so much momentum. If she does clinch the Democratic nomination and go head-to-head with Trump, will she be able to overcome them at all?

Trump may be a rich elitist himself, but perhaps he has a better tract-record with women than Hillary.

Source: The Guardian

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