DESPERATION: Clinton Sends Out PANICKED Email…What She Asks For Has Trump Smiling!

It’s shocking at how politicians can burn through cash.

As a former government contractor I was amazed at how much money they can blow in just four years. In 2009, the EPA was given over 14 billion dollars in federal funding. By the end of Obama’s first term, all that money was gone. They were literally wondering how they would keep the lights on.

That’s true all through the political sphere, even more so for campaigns. Running for elected office is like running the tap at full blast. You’re constantly dumping money into staff, offices, travel, food, not to mention online and TV ads. Even with a large bank of cash, that money will be gone by months’ end.

So it’s no surprise that the vast stores of Hillary’s campaign cash could be running out. Even with big name supporters like Warren Buffet and George Soros, the Clinton camp could be on the lookout for more money.

Which would explain why they’ve sent out this most recent plea for cash. However, there may be more to this email than meets the eye.

From New York Post:

Campaign manager Robby Mook has written a panicky pitch to Hillary Clinton supporters warning that fundraising numbers are dipping – even adding “that’s how elections are lost.”

“Our poll numbers are holding steady, which is good. We’re growing our field organization, building out neighborhood teams in communities all over the country — which is even better,” Mook wrote.

“But that’s happening at a time when our fundraising levels are, frankly, dipping.”

Hey Mook why don’t you write honestly to your supporters about Hillary’s shady reputation, including her vast email scandals, dishonesty, and questionable staff picks? How about instead of manipulating people about cash, you be honest with your so-called supporters?

The Clinton campaign pulled this stunt earlier in the year, as the summer approached. They played the desperate card at the end of May, trying to panic their base that all was lost unless they sent cash.

The democrats are good at cheating the American people, especially their closest supporters. They plague them with images of doom and gloom so they’ll open their checkbooks and PayPal accounts.

The truth is Hillary’s got plenty of money still floating around, thanks to Soros and others. But Robby Mook and his team of cronies are good at stirring up the pot. They can send out a panicky email to scare the many naive supporters into sending in even more cash.

The only truthful thing they wrote in that email was “Donald Trump has more than enough time to find his way to a win by November.”

Yes, that’s very true Mook. He’s already found a way to a win. It’s called exposing Crooked Hillary to the public.

Source: New York Post

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