Clinton Camp Tries To SPINS Health Crisis…But Never Expected THIS From The Press!

The collapse of Hillary Clinton outside the 9/11 memorial is the biggest and most obvious sign that the woman is ill. For months we’ve been seeing signs of her deteriorating health, including actions and expressions that suggest a very serious problem.

The Clinton campaign, however, has denied any problems and attacked anyone in the press that would question them.

But the events last Sunday were too obvious for even them to ignore.  The mainstream media reported it, and a video of her falling before reaching her van was all over the Internet.

Soon afterwards the campaign came out with a statement, claiming she had pneumonia. Okay, so that’s supposed to allay everyone’s concerns.

But why didn’t they mention this sooner? And how does that explain the months of odd behavior and evidence of illness?

Even the liberal media is questioning this one.

From Politico:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is coming under fire for failing to disclose that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, and for saying she simply got “overheated” at the 9/11 memorial service in New York, when video showed her knees buckling as aides helped her into a waiting van…

Frustration with the Clinton campaign’s handling of the incident boiled over among political journalists on Twitter.

Jonathan Martin, national correspondent for the New York Times, tweeted, “Hillary camp now reveals that her doctor diagnosed her pneumonia on Friday & put her on antibiotics. Only disclosed after this am’s episode.”

“I don’t understand why Clinton aides weren’t telling reporters at 10:30am: ‘pneumonia,’” CNN media reporter Brian Stelter wrote.

“Of course they should have disclosed this. This isn’t a cold,” added Chuck Todd, the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

It’s hilarious to see how frustrated the liberal media is getting. They weren’t told what to think! Oh my God! How do they defend the woman without her giving them the script!?

Throughout this election the liberal media has acted as Hillary’s PR arm, repeating whatever fictitious narrative she’s invented for herself. During this health scare, they have been scrambling, because Hillary has been too afraid to come clean.

Only now do they have this new narrative: that she’s sick with pneumonia. But what will they do when she collapses again a few weeks from now? What about when she has trouble talking in October?

Pneumonia doesn’t last that long and they’ll have to come up with another excuse.

All because Hillary and her cronies refuse to admit the truth: that the woman is serious ill.

Their dodging of the truth is even getting the media frazzled. They might not be on her side for much longer.

Source: Politico

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