WHOA! Hillary’s Own Campaign Chair Just Admitted She Is DISQUALIFIED To Be President! Here Is Why…

We know that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is not going away.

The Fed’s are working around the clock to uncover every last bit of evidence.

All reports are pointing to the FBI making indictments very soon. It looks like one of those indictments will fall on Hillary herself.

Even if she is not convicted for her crimes, the issue will most certainly harm her campaign. Outside of dedicated liberals, who would want to vote for a woman that’s lied about her work?

She hid emails from the federal government and broke many laws to set up that email server. How could anyone think that she’s fit to run the country?

There another person that seems to think the same, her own campaign chairman, John Podesta.

Via Yes I’m Right:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta acknowledged that Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and account while secretary of state has “definitely hurt her” and that some may consider it “disqualifying.”

Tuesday on the podcast Recode Replay, Podesta acknowledged that it was “a mistake” to combine work and personal emails.

He added, “But the question is, given the stakes of this election, is that, you know, is that a mistake that you would judge as disqualifying. Maybe some people will.”

Yes that is a mistake that will disqualify her. You’re right Mr. Podesta, the stakes of this election are just too high for us to elect a dishonest criminal to the White House. The American people deserve better than a lying crook, who will put foreign interests ahead of their own.

I’m guessing most of America will feel the same way.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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