STUNNING ADMISSION By Hillary Campaign Manager…Thing Voters Care About Most Doesn’t Matter!

One of Hillary Clinton’s pitfalls–surely the one that will keep her out of the White House–is her lack of trustworthiness.

Since the days of Bill Clinton’s presidency, Hillary has had the reputation of being a difficult, mean, and downright unpleasant figure.

As a senator she had a reputation as a bully. As secretary of state she betrayed Americans’ trust time and again. In recent years more of her shady and illegal behavior has come to light, making many Americans ask why she just isn’t in jail.

But if you ask her campaign manager, that doesn’t matter. You should vote for her anyway.

From Breitbart:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook says voters will trust Hillary Clinton more after she’s elected president.

Politico notes Mook suggested “the American people will have to observe Hillary as president before fully trusting her” during an “Off Message” podcast interview with Glenn Thrush.

“I don’t think people will fully appreciate who she is until — knock on wood — she’s elected president because when she is president, I think she will be phenomenally successful because she’s a work horse,” Mook told Thrush when asked how Clinton will turn the dial on her trustworthiness with voters.

Uh, that’s not how it works, Mook (does anyone else find it ironic Crooked Hillary’s manager is named “Robby”?). You don’t hand the keys to your car to a joyrider. You don’t let the creepy neighbor watch your kids. And you don’t elect a woman with a laundry list of crimes president and just hope for the best.

That’s what a campaign is all about Mook: winning the voters approval before you’re in the White House. Do you really think people will vote for a woman they don’t trust? Do you think we’ll forget every suspicious and illegal thing she’s done, hoping she’ll do better in the most crucial office in the land?

I’d expect a campaign manager to be smarter than that. He should be trying to make her look good now, to convince people to supporter her. But even Mook can’t hide Clinton’s years of lying, corrupt politics, her tarnished reputation, and bad judgment.

Source: Breitbart

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