Clinton Campaign PANIC…Tim Kaine Quote EMBARRASSMENT Rocks Race! – OOPS

More and more we see how two-sided and dishonest the Democratic Party has become. They will violate their own morals and convictions if it means a chance at power. Forget why you ran for public office, forget what voters expect from you. As long as you can gain more prestige and cash, that’s all that matters.

But this kind of mentality has all but weakened the inner workings of the party. They can’t agree on major issues. Their leadership attacks and undermines candidates, as in the case of Bernie Sanders.

And from all appearances democrats are supporting Hillary Clinton because they have no choice. Or are too scared to oppose her.

And that includes her running mate Tim Kaine.

From Allen B West:

It wasn’t just congressional Republicans who wanted Bill Clinton out of office during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

As The Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff discovered, Tim Kaine voiced his opinion on the whole ordeal back in 2002, and Hillary Clinton won’t like it. Kaine told the press that Bill’s behavior should’ve resulted in his resignation from public office — and that he should’ve resigned back in 1997.

“If the allegations are true, he should definitely resign,” Kaine said, adding he held the same view about President Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. “That is an intolerable way to treat women and it’s not something that the state should be dragged through.”

Kaine went on to say more strong words against former President Clinton, saying his actions were “beneath the dignity of the office.”

So why did Hillary Clinton pick a man to be her VP, who was so critical of her husband? Perhaps she did not know or remember his scathing criticism of Bill way back in 2002 (which wasn’t that long ago to be sure).  If she did know about it, I’m thinking she would have went with someone else.

The real question is, if Kaine was so critical of the Clinton’s back then, why support them now? Hillary sat idly by while Bill ran amuck with an intern, then lied to the country and Congress about it. She is all but complicit with her husband’s behavior which, as Kaine said, was beneath the dignity of the president.

Kaine’s behavior today is more telling than anything else. Perhaps back in 2002 he had some conviction, some moral fortitude and bravery to speak out against the former president. But times have changed. The Democratic Party is fraying at the seams. Kaine just might be eager to grab onto whatever chance at fame he can get.

But it makes the rest of us question his judgment and integrity.

Source: Allen B West

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