WHOA: With Trump CLOSING…Clinton Campaign Just Hit The PANIC BUTTON!

It looks like all the manipulation from the mainstream media could be biting Hillary Clinton in the ass. We’ve seen over the last few months how hard the press has been working to prop up their candidate and malign Trump.

They’ve released questionable polls, ignored legitimate stories about the woman’s corruption, and distorted facts about Donald Trump. They’ve worked over time to propel a false narrative that America wants Crooked Hillary for president.

Now it seems that all that lying has had the opposite effect. There seems to be a growing trend among liberals to abandon the woman, thinking that she has the election all tied up.

From The Hill:

Clinton aides and allies note the “Brexit” vote in the United Kingdom, in which the UK voted to remove itself from the European Union, as an example of how electoral surprises can happen. Trump himself predicted this week that he would be “Mr. Brexit” this fall.

Seeing Trump’s pivot, the Clinton campaign is urging their supporters and fundraisers to step up and not take their lead for granted.

“At this point complacency is the number one thing the campaign is watching for,” said one former Clinton aide.

I maintain that the lead we’re seeing in the polls has been largely inflated by the media. Trump has strong support throughout the nation, which will come out in record numbers this election. It quite possibly could be an overwhelming victory for the Republican.

But right now the media wants it to look at best, neck and neck. At the very worst, they paint Trump losing by a large margin.

This has caused Clinton’s support base to grow slack. Why bother helping when she’s already won, right?

All their lying and manipulation has made their supporters think they don’t need them. What else would they think?

A desperate email from campaign manager Robby Mook won’t be enough to turn heads.

Congratulations, media. You’ve done your part. In being corrupt, biased and un-American, you’ve helped sink your candidate for sure.

Source: The Hill

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