Clinton Debate Lie EXPOSED…By The Supreme Court!

The issue of constitutional rights is one that has been long debated by conservatives and liberals alike. Usually, the debate centers around the interpretation of the wording and it’s intentions. Conservatives generally keep a strict interpretation maintaining that the wording means exactly what it says whereas liberals like to add or change the meaning depending upon the circumstances where it is being applied.

With the issue of “stop and frisk,” a policy that allows police officers to stop someone on the street who is acting “suspicious” in the judgement of the Officer and pat them down for weapons, the debate continues on the constitutionality of that policy.  The policy is based upon a 1968 Supreme Court case, Terry v. Ohio.

The SCOTUS ruled:

When an officer is justified in believing that the individual whose suspicious behavior he is investigating at close range is armed and presently dangerous to the officer or to others, it would appear to be clearly unreasonable to deny the officer the power to take necessary measures to determine whether the person is in fact carrying a weapon and to neutralize the threat of physical harm.

When Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, implemented the stop-and-frisk policy during his tenure as mayor of New York City, the policy was hailed as a success in dropping crime but the policy was later discontinued by the new mayor, Bill de Blasio.

According to the Highest court in America, the policy is constitutional, contrary to Hillary Clinton’s statements made by her during Monday’s presidential debate in an attempt to criticize Donald Trump’s support of the policy.

Breitbart states:

So the Supreme Court says Clinton is wrong, and even an ultra-left judicial activist would not go as far as Clinton’s false claim during her debate against Trump.

But with the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, unless Trump wins in November, Clinton will have the power to remake the Supreme Court in her own image, taking it far to the left of even 1968, and completely reinterpret the Fourth Amendment—along with the rest of the Constitution.

Hillary’s radicalism will completely rewrite the founding principles we patriots have held dear for over two centuries. America cannot afford another president as liberal as Hillary Clinton. The leftist policies of the Obama administration coupled with a Hillary Clinton administration would add up to a debacle we would probably never recover from short of another revolution. We need to make sure this doesn’t happen!

Source: Breitbart


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