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REVEALED: Massive Investigation PROVES What Hillary Doesn’t Want You To Know…PATHETIC!
By PJ Editor|July 13, 2016

Follow the money.

It’s the first rule of investigating corruption. Although we don’t know where the Clinton’s millions are going, we now know where it isn’t going…to the charitable causes that they claim to support!

The Canadian affiliate of the Clinton Foundation is spending an astounding 78 percent of the money it raises on administrative costs, according to the Globe and Mail.

Sure, 4 out of 5 dollars are going to staples and salaries, that’s why it’s not getting to the people they claim to be helping. Nothing to see here!

The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP) spent nearly 8 dollars for every 10 that it raised on salaries, office supplies, expenses, and consulting fees, according to filings with the Canada Revenue Agency. The charity only spent 22 percent on “charitable programs.”

Oh, but the corruption goes so much deeper. Not just a slush fund for the Clintons, it’s also a money laundering scheme…

This is not the first time CGEP has been in the headlines. The Canadian charity has also served as a conduit for undisclosed donations flowing to the Clinton Foundation. Frank Giustra admitted in 2015, after the publication of Clinton Cash, that there were more than 1,000 undisclosed donations to the Clinton Foundation. Many of those had come via CGEP.

Hillary Clinton promised the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee during her confirmation hearings to be Secretary of State that the Foundation would disclose all of its donors. Clinton Foundation also executives signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Obama White House promising the same in late 2008.

We are still waiting, Secretary Clinton.

I’ll just hold my breath while the media holds you accountable. Yeah, right!

Source: Breitbart

PJ Editor
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