EXPOSED: Clinton Foundation Is NO Charity…Here Is Where The Money REALLY Goes!

At this point, only the most naive individual believes that the Clinton Foundation spends its millions on helping the needy. If it did, that fact would have been mentioned every other minute during the Democratic National Convention, when in fact it didn’t come up at all. The silence was deafening, and suspicious.

So where do those donations from dictators go?

The Conservative Tribune has the answer:

According to the Foundation’s 2014 IRS filings, it spent more money flying people to various places than it did in giving out charitable grants.

The Clinton Foundation spent a whopping $7.8 million on travel in 2014, while giving out only $5.2 million in grants. The Daily Caller also noted that the $5.2 million given out in grants was the only portion of the roughly $91.3 million spent in 2014 that actually went to charity

Put another way, only 5.7 percent of the Clinton Foundation’s budget was actually used to help people.

If Republican nominee Donald Trump ran an organization like this, the liberal media would never let us hear the end of it. However, because this scandal involves their chosen savior, they are simply refusing to talk about it.

In the realm of legitimate philanthropy, 5.7 percent is closer to the amount you try to limit your administration costs to, such as staff, office space and equipment. The remaining 95 percent or so is then earmarked for actual charity work. Leave it to the Clintons to have that ratio exactly upside down. What a disgrace.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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