PANIC! Hillary Just Did Something No One Expected…Proves She’s In HUGE TROUBLE!

Looks like Clinton is willing to go back on her own values, if it will gain possible votes.

For a VERY long time, Clinton has touted her role as being “for women.”

We at Patriot Journal have been one of many to knock down this claim, with reports that have exposed Clinton as being very anti-woman. Many women agree with us.

For most of her presidential bid, Hillary has crowed that she would be the very first woman president. It was a chip that she thought would gain her plenty of support from feminist groups and women throughout the country.

Sorry Hillary, American women are not that naive.

From Breitbart:

Hillary Clinton has stopped “explicitly mentioning” that she would be the first woman president less than one month after Donald Trump first accused her campaign of “playing the woman card.”

A research report completed by Emily’s List, which is a Democratic organization that supports female candidates for abortion rights, suggests the likely Democratic nominee should “de-emphasize the ‘first’ talk” in reference to being the first woman on top of a political party’s ticket and possibly the first woman president. 

It really looks like Clinton’s campaign platform is shaky at best. You’d think a woman candidate would proudly embrace this idea. The first woman president. That should be enough to inspire every woman, young and old, to rush to the voting booths. Yet Clinton has such a poor reputation with women, that even this powerful concept is hurting her.

So she is backing off this idea before it does any more damage.

It’s pretty sad to think that Hillary Clinton’s reputation is so tarnished, that something like a female president isn’t enough to win her votes.

I think it’s safe to say that most Americans see Hillary as she really is. And that’s a thought too terrifying to vote for.

Source: Breitbart

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