WHOA – Clinton Handlers Go BALLISTIC – All Because A Reporter Said THIS…

This media circus surrounding Hillary Clinton is getting pretty ridiculous.

The mainstream media has all but given up their pretense of being unbiased toward the candidates, openly endorsing, defending, and propping up the democrat.

We’ve talked before about how they are now ganging up on other journalists who dare to question Clinton in any way.  Any coverage that doesn’t paint her as some kind of female Messiah is slandered and discredited.

Now more than ever we as viewers need to reject any outlet that distorts the truth to benefit their agenda. It’s becoming pretty clear that mainstream outlets just cannot be trusted.

From The Gateway Pundit:

Daily Mail U.S. Political Editor David Martosko was attacked online by current and former aides to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for commenting about Clinton’s tired, listless appearance at a press conference on Friday about national security. Martosko was also challenged by two reporters who defended Clinton.

Nick Merrill, Clinton’s traveling press secretary, and Adam Parkhomenko, who was a state coordinator for the Clinton campaign and is now National Field Director for the Democratic Party, each replied to a tweet thread by Martosko about Clinton’s demeanor with Parkomenko threatening his job and Merrill employing the ‘delete your account’ othering insult.

This wasn’t even a story; it was a tweet he made expressing an opinion. But the biased media is so unprofessional, so childish, they  had to threaten his career.

Over a tweet.

Is this where we’ve come to as a country? A journalist can’t even make a simple remark about a candidate without Hillary’s mob of bullies attacking them? Is this what America will be turned into should she be elected: a society where we cannot speak our minds without retribution?

That seems to be the attitude coming from the left.

We as Americans have two choices to make: we must withdraw our support from any media outlet that acts so dishonestly and un-American.

And we need to make sure Hillary never becomes president.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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