EPIC: Watch Hillary Get HUMILIATED By Questioner Over This EXPLOSIVE Controversy

As Hillary Clinton continues to work out from under Bill’s shadow, there are plenty of people who are not buying it.

How can the wife of a disgraced U.S. President expect to receive any credibility as a candidate when she ignores his history?

She continues to insist she supports her husband, hoping that his tarnished past won’t be a factor in her bid for the White House.

Sorry, Hillary, the sins of the past don’t wash away that easily.

At a recent rally in New Hampshire, a local legislator tried to confront Hillary over the matter. Clinton ignored the woman, forcing her to stand up and shout her question. Clinton, belligerent as always, tried to side-step the very crucial question.

From Right Wing News:

Katherine Prudhomme O’Brien, the New Hampshire state legislator who confronted Hillary Clinton in a town-hall rally in Derry, New Hampshire, during the state primary on Jan. 3, explained to WND in an exclusive telephone interview why she was so upset at reporters who defend Mrs. Clinton by suggesting she should not be blamed for her husband’s infidelity.

“This is about rape, not infidelity,” O’Brien insisted, explaining that at the Derry rally her goal was to confront Hillary about Juanita Broaddrick, a woman who went public in an interview with Dateline NBC that broadcast on Feb. 24, 1999, that Clinton had raped her decades earlier, in 1978, while Clinton was yet Arkansas attorney general.

It’s another example of the censorship the Democrats enact when confronted with the truth. Apparently the liberals are babies. They don’t like what someone has to say, so they ignore them outright. Any decent candidate is unafraid to answer a question, even one loaded with accusations about their conduct.

The fact that Hillary tried to brush off O’Brien shows she is running scared. She can’t hide from the demons of her and Bill’s past, so she just wants to ignore them.

That just won’t work in an age with YouTube, though. Watch the video below.

Source: Right Wing News

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