BREAKING: Hillary’s SICK Gun Control Plan “Far Beyond Obama”…You Will Grab Your .38 When You Hear What She…

We already know Hillary Clinton is an enemy of the Constitution.

She wants to deprive American citizens the right to bear arms, despite what the Bill of Rights says.

Now we see some of her plans, should she become President.  It goes so far beyond Obama, we should start calling her Comrade Clinton.

From Breitbart:

The Washington Post sums up the generalities of this gun control focus by reporting that Clinton wants to “to broaden requirements for background checks and narrow loopholes that allow largely unrestricted trafficking of guns online.”

On January 5 Breitbart News reported Obama’s use of executive gun control to expand background checks to certain sales at gun shows and online, to require taxpayer dollars to be spent on the development of “smart guns,” and to put a gun ban in place for Social Security beneficiaries who cannot handle their own financial affairs.

The WAPO makes clear that Clinton plans to exceed these actions, and she plans to do it by circumventing Congress with executive action.

Executive actions have been abused by Obama throughout his administration.  Now Clinton, not even close to the White House, is lining out her plan to pass dictator-like measures to curtail your freedom.  She wants to extend background checks, place more regulations on gun shows and online sales, allow victims to sue gun makers and sellers, and manipulating domestic violence laws to ban individuals from own guns.

These convoluted, ridiculous measures are only meant to discourage law-abiding citizens from owning guns.  We already live in a society where most people don’t even know how to operate a gun properly.  We’ve been raised to fear guns, viewing them as some kind of vile tool of destruction.  Clinton and the liberals’ negative stance on guns helps reinforce this fear in future generations, looking to a time when Americans are a cowardly, easily manipulated bunch.

That fact that Clinton wants to put forth these measure without the backing of Congress proves how un-American and power-hungry she is.

Source: Breitbart

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